So this is the start of a development log, where we will be writing the most recent news of End State and also more in-depth articles about the game mechanics. In this first post we will be reviewing some of the movement and positioning features currently in the game.

Note that the pictures in this post are from an older version of the game and use placeholder assets.

Standing & running
This is the default movement mode. No special penalties or advantages.

Low walls and obstacles
Characters are able to jump over low walls, fences and windows. These obstacles will slow down your movement for the duration of the jump, during which you may be vulnerable to enemy fire.

Low cover and crouch movement
Low cover is marked by the “half shield”-icon and is a type of cover that you may shoot over. These are the best firing positions in terms of safety and stability. You will be mostly covered from the front, but may be flanked from the sides. Low cover can also provide a stabile platform for the weapon and therefore increase accuracy.

Moving while crouching does cost more AP and it is slower, but you will also be harder to spot, make less movement noise and also be protected from enemy fire by any low covers around you.

Strafing allows you to designate the looking direction while moving, which is important tactical decision when clearing spaces where enemies might be in hiding. If an enemy has reserved actions points (AP) and you move to their line of sight, it will trigger and “opportunity fire” for the enemy. In this situation you will also receive an opportunity to react if you are looking at the enemies direction. You may also fire while moving, which makes you harder to hit but also decreases your own accuracy.

Full cover & Peeking
Full cover blocks the line of sight in one direction completely and is marked by the “full shield”-icon. However, if the view to that direction is not blocked from the adjacent tiles, you may use this position to peek.

Peeking allows you to see around corners without risking to be seen and even allows you step out, fire at an enemy and step back in the cover. However, firing from peeking position will expose you for the duration and the enemies may fire back at you. You will also be considered moving and therefore be harder to hit and gain penalty to your own accuracy.

Thanks for reading!