End State is a game made by a team of turn-based tactics enthusiasts. It has (almost) everything we’ve ever wanted to experience in a game like this – a non-linear campaign, deep tactical gameplay, resource management, destructible environment and a sh*tload of different weapons. The only thing we are sparing for the future (when we have moar moneys) will be role-playing and a dynamic open ended campaign.

Turn-based strategy is a thinking man’s game. You analyze your enemy for weak spots, think your moves ahead and execute them. No matter what is happening, you’ll have the time to think about your next move. Maybe it’s because we are too old to master Counter Strike, or because we suck at quick time events, but nevertheless, we think that this is the way it should be.

End State has been under development as a hobbyist project already for a decade and has seen multiple revisions, each being more advanced and more fun than the previous one.  While we are targeting a more hardcore audience, the game should still be accessible enough for anyone to learn. We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we do.


Take command of a ragtag mercenary team with multiple characters with custom skill sets and weapons, facing a variety of enemies with different capabilities and weaknesses. Plan your moves in variable terrain that forces you to consider about character positioning. Directional facing matters and characters can peek around the corners. This is important because the “fog of war” only shows what the units actually see.

Use cover for your benefit and aim your shots at specific body parts for different results. Face varying missions with different objectives ranging from planting a tracking device to releasing hostages and the enemy AI will, of course, act according to their separate motives.

Manage your team through a non-linear campaign. Recruit mercs, equip them and upgrade their skills as they gain more experience. The campaign is not linear, and in one playthrough you’ll never see everything the game has to offer. We aim to develop a future classic you can enjoy for years to come.


Somewhere in the Eastern Europe

The events of the End State take place in a former Soviet country with a turbulent past. Soon after its first truly democratic elections there have been several terrorist attacks in administrative buildings around the country. The government decides to seek help from foreign anti-terrorist experts and hire your ragtag private military company, not knowing that it’s actually your first assignment since retirement from the army.

Something fishy

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you were hired because someone didn’t actually look for the most effective force to counter their plans. Soon you find your company and yourself entangled in a web of conspiracies involving foreign powers, mafia bosses, corrupt politicians, and power mongering lunatics. Will you be able to protect the citizens and stop the heinous plans to overthrow the legally elected government?


Development background

End State has a somewhat long history for a game project. It has always been a “dream” project for me and I have made many different attemps to realize it, learning a lot during the making of each version. I do believe it is quite common for game enthustiastics to have that one game idea that is especially close to the heart, so here I would like to share the story of mine.

First steps

The idea for making a turn-based tactical shooter initially came around somewhere in the early 2000’s.  I managed to create an isometric sprite renderer, tile maps with pathfinding, tile-based lighting, map-editor and some very basic game mechanics such as moving and shooting. During my time in college, I would stay in the school library at nights to design the game and to program the engine. I did make some progress with C and SDL, but then started to investigate more advanced graphics libraries such as Ogre3D. During few years, I had switched from C to C++ to Java and OpenGL, then to LWJGL.

Unity, a love story

Unity came around for me in 2010. In this time, I programmed the basic gameplay, destructible environments, custom tile-based lighting and generally focused on learning the ways of Unity. Eventually, I had a small demo together, but real-life came into the way and my focus was shifted to other things. I got my first job as a game programmer in 2011 and for few years I was working in various game startups, usually creating mobile games with Unity.

Final reset

In early 2014, I decided to start the game from scratch for the final time and this time everything would be made as good as I possibly could, with the skills that I had learned from the previous attempts and my years as a game programmer. I worked mostly alone with help from friends, volunteers, and freelancers.

In summer 2015 I submitted End State in the Steam Greenlight and got “greenlit” in just 10 days. That was the final encouragement I needed and  in late 2015 I finally started my own company, Iron Sight Ltd. After founding the company, everything has progressed so fast. We got some funding and I have hired a team of five professionals to develop End State. The game is still not finished, and probably won’t be for a while, but its finally getting there.

 – Henry Vuontisjärvi, Founder and CEO / Iron Sight Ltd

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